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First off, the colors in this piece are really well done! They're shaded in a darker version of the base if I'm not mistaken, which con...

by haneiy

If Kisumi had ears like that, they could be twin sisters! Your little foxxy is cute as always, I love how bright her eyes are in this o...

by haneiy

Just beautiful, as always! This cute little kitsune girl is very mysterious in her position and pose, yet doesn't seem all that enigmat...




KisumiKitsune has started a donation pool!
4,636 / 10,000
Kisumi art isn't free! Well, sometimes it is... okay, most of my Kisumi art is free. But give me a way to pay for it, and I will! All points will be going to talented artists via commissions of my OC. When your points go to a picture (I'll be spending them as soon as I get them, within reason) you will be featured as a sponsor for that commission! Some artists commission for 800 points, some for 5. Every point helps~<3

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KisumiKitsune's Profile Picture
Kisumi Roch
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a Writer Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am a Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am a FREESTYLE Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am a LITERATE Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am an EXPERIENCED Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Roleplay in GROUPS Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am Seeking ROLEPLAY Stamp by KisumiKitsuneNot Quite Smut Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Write CLEAN Stories Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Write Mindless, Dirty SMUT Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Write Yuri Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Write Shoujo-ai Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Write ORIGINAL Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Have an OC Stamp by KisumiKitsuneAnti-Drama RP and Stories Stamp by KisumiKitsuneCollaborative Author Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI Post SOME OF MY WORK on Deviant Art Stamp by KisumiKitsuneI am a MULTI - MEDIUM Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune

Kisumi is basically my internet persona. Since most of the stuff I do on the internet is RP, she's also my RP character! RP elements may bleed into non-RP things, such as comments and general speech style, also how to refer to myself. Whenever I say "me" I'm generally referring to Kisumi... who is me. That being said, I don't take RP drama or actions as an insult to me as a person! I love my RP character, so all my internet stuff that's not playing her, is dedicated to something about her. For the longest time my goal has been to find pictures of Kisumi on the internet.

With so many specific criteria for my character to meet, I sort of gave up. I would get a commission, but various things prevent that. At a loss of what to do to get pictures of my prized foxgirl, I turned to editing pictures that exist. I use photoshop to turn pictures into kisumi. The least I've done is change eye color, the most? Fully redoing hair, eyes and facial features. Also the adding of a fang in an open mouth, the removal of clothes in some places while adding in others, removing image elements, drawing in fox ears and a tail, and drawing a collar from scratch.

I don't do this as a claim to fame, to show off or to try and pass it off as my own work, but just because I want pictures of Kisumi! If I can't find or get them made, then dammit I'm making them! That said, if somehow the original artist finds one of my "kisumifications" and wants me to remove it from teh interwebs, I will without hesitation. Like I said, I just make them to have them, not because I want to pass them off as mine. I never claim they're mine, and whenever possible, I give credit to the source. I can't post them on here because... well, obviously, it's not my art. How ever much I may modify, I didn't originally draw them, and I have no right to upload them on a site for your own work.
It's time for another Kisumi art contest! This time, it's serving both as a contest, and a commission with a hefty gain! Entrance to this will be in the form of one 100 x 100 chibi Kisumi. My end goal is to get 7 of these from one artist! If your chibi is chosen, you'll be chosen for the "commission" paying out 1,500 points, which will entail drawing the remaining 6. There are examples down below of what I'm looking for. Aside from the winner, second and third place will receive 100 and 50 points respectively without drawing any more Sumi.

Here's the fox herself!
Kisumi Reference Sheet - The Works by KisumiKitsune

Example: Entering the contest, Bob draws an indecisive Sumi. Bob wins! He gains the slot to draw Teaching, Magical, etc Sumis as well, with 1,500 points at the end of it all.

- Chibi style, only.
- Digital with transparent backgrounds (.png format).
- Fully colored.
- Pixel art is acceptable, but less likely to be chosen unless it's ultra-adorable. Still, awesome pixel art beats meh drawings!
- Must be available to draw the rest of the Kisumis in case you win. Not being able to do so will disqualify from placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
- 100 x 100; these are NOT DA avatars! They will be used on sites that support larger resolution than DA's 50 x 50.
- Use the provided colors! These will be going on official profiles, so matching the other official art is imperative. Any program will allow you to import the reference and use eyedropper on the swatches.
- Use Kisumi's clothing on all but the teaching Sumi. School uniforms or a cap and gown is acceptable there.
- Deadline is February 28th at 11:59pm PST! Remember, you only need to do 1 by the deadline! The commission will be opened after the contest is over.

I'm basing these icons off one particular RP site I use. Similar to DA's plz accounts, you can insert profile pictures into text. Profile pictures themselves are 100 x 100, but resized down when put into text. The effect is this . The left is the profile picture, the right is six pictures put in a grid. You can see it spaces them out.

So, for this contest, you may choose any of the following! Attached are references to something that conveys the mood I'd like. Keep in mind they must be 100 x 100 full body chibis. Putting something on those DA icon bases is not going to work!

-Teaching Sumi-
Freaking out Sumi-
-Totally Loving it Sumi-
Approval Sumi-
Indecisive Sumi-
Greeting Sumi-
Magical Sumi- (Can't find good chibi references for this one. Her foxfire is blue.)

Only one is required for "entry", but all will eventually be drawn by the winner! 2nd and 3rd place will not be drawing any more aside from their submission. The rule about disqualification is to prevent people entering the contest and not intending to do more than 1 just for a smaller prize.
  • Listening to: Spacey music
  • Drinking: Tea

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DerpyRedneck Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday you ORGASMICALLY talented artist!!~
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I've been debating on commenting for a while, partly because of my shyness, but I'd like to RP with you sometime, if that's okay. x:
KisumiKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
If you use f-list, just search for Kisumi! I RP in real-time, IM only, so you can also try Skype. Look for Kisumi Kitsune there, picture of a couple foxgirls smooching.
xiu-emi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg! I just saw your OC Kisumi, and she looks a lot like my OC ;o! That's hilarious
KisumiKitsune Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sumi would love to compare just how much of them is alike.
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Hi!I open commission please read my commission thank you ^-^
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Happy Birthday!!
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Thank you!
DerpyRedneck Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
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Your Kisumi is pretty cute
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